About the Clock

Time in motion

KinetiClocK is the evolution of a tried and true concept from the 70's. All of the genius, novelty, and fascination of the Original Idle-Tyme Rolling Ball Clock are present in KinetiClocK. Design, fabrication methods, precision, longevity, and appearance make KinetiClocK stand out.

For example, the rotating brass arm & claw mechanism is EXTREMELY STRONG and DURABLE. Not only can you actually TOUCH this innovative new claw mechanism, but a KinetiClocK can be PICKED UP by its brass claws alone! This will NOT affect (1) the operation, (2) the accuracy, or (3) the WARRANTY of your KinetiClocK.

Also, the ball bearing pivot points (1) are highly accurate, (2) are durable, and (3) never require lubrication.

Present owners of an Original Idle-Tyme Rolling Ball Clock, horologists, collectors, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural wood and fine woodworking might be interested in a KinetiClocK.

Your KinetiClocK combines the finest materials and craftsmanship to ensure heirloom quality, reliable precision, and plenty of fascination for many years to come … enjoy!

Your KinetiClock is a precision instrument. Please avoid any rough contact.


  1. Locate your KinetiClocK away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or humidity.
  2. Adjust the 4 feet as little as possible to level the clock.
  3. Fill the 3 ramps according to current time. Remaining balls go to the pick-up area.
  4. Plug into a regular 120v 60hz outlet, then switch ON. If rotating arm is blocked, simply switch OFF, remove blockage, then switch back ON. This will not harm the motor.


Unpacking Your KinetiClocK

Be sure to keep all packaging materials.

CAUTION: Clock parts are precisely aligned … avoid rough contact. Open plastic bag and lift clock out by the two lifting cords.
  1. Remove documents envelope and read its contents.
  2. Remove pouch containing chrome-steel balls.
  3. Gently remove top foam.
  4. Remove bubble-wrapped base and LED top.
  5. Remove 4 corner foam pieces.
  6. Remove bubble-wrapped 12 volt adaptor, dimmer switch, and cable.
  7. Remove lifting cords and save. Always use these solid lifting points (or the clock’s base) to pick up or move the clock.
  8. Carefully lift glass enclosure from box.
  9. Follow SET-UP and USE & CARE instructions for your KinetiClocK.



As the original purchaser, your KinetiClocK is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal use, we will repair your clock absolutely free. Please provide a detailed description of the defect to the original place of purchase before returning the clock for warranty work. All shipping costs to and from the original place of purchase for warranty work will be the responsibility of the purchaser. See Limitations and Exclusions on reverse side of this card.

Limitations and Exclusions

IMPORTANT : Please retain your original sales receipt as proof of purchase validating this Warranty. This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser when purchased from a KinetiClocK dealer.
The following items are not covered by this warranty: